Setting a Healthy Dialogue for Tumor and Immune Cells

Product Pipeline

Qrono’s pipeline therapies feature patentable combinations of active agents, biodegradable polymers and cell-sized particles that restore healthy signaling patterns to tumor and immune cells. 

IND Studies
Phase 1 Trial
Phase 2 Trial

QR213 - Eloquent™ particle mToR1 inhibitor acts blocks a critical "checkpoint"  for antigen presenting cells (APCs). In murine tumor and non-human primate studies, QR213 increases durable CD8+ T cell responses 5-20x over levels achieved with agonists alone.  QR213, in conjunction with immune agonists, has the potential to change outcomes for patients who display little to no response on anti-PD1 therapy.

QR214 - Eloquent™ particle mToR2 inhibitor encourages cross-presentation in APCs. Murine proof-of-concept studies show improvements to both CD4+ and CD8+ T cell responses when compared to agonist therapy alone.